*yummy sighs*

*yummy sighs*

Aoi ♡

Aoi ♡

Ruki - Tour Stacked Rubbish

Ruki - Tour Stacked Rubbish


Uruha in casual clothes at radio shows

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[..This is sudden, but according to both of you, among the members who is the most, “That guy is the man”? If it’s okay please tell us who is that person.] 

That was the message from Natsu-san.

Aoi: “That guy is the man”?

Uruha: Aaah..

DJ: Yes, like “That guy is the man, right?” or “Among the GazettE, he is the man!”

Aoi: Aaah, you mean “manly”?

DJ: Yes, manly.

Aoi: Isn’t it me?

Uruha: HEEEE?! *laughs*

DJ: Eh? Somehow Aoi-san is amazing. Before he even tapped his lower arm like this..

Aoi: *laughs* Yes, as I thought this is ..

DJ: The arm and the man.

Aoi: Well, but as I thought, isn’t it me?

DJ: I see, Aoi-san has answered like that, but..

Uruha: No, well since he already said that, I’ll also say that it’s Aoi-san.

DJ: Nonono, are you following him?

Uruha: *laughs* No, I’m not. It was like, unconditionally.

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[Summer Sonic 2013]

[Summer Sonic 2013]

[GIFS REQUEST 10/? - for thegazette-nsms13]

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Aoi, LIVE is better than SEX.

  • Aoi: The tension from the guitar, the echo of the venue, the audience's reaction, the performers' tension, the staff's assistance, I'm perfectly satisfied with all that, they get me so excited SEX can't even compare.